a fight of lost

Pacquioa is a six title weight class champ. I don't think there will be a Trilogy between these two fighters although two would be nice to see. I really expect a rematches if the first was close.Just like Pacquioa vs Marquez both of their fights were close and the fans aren't satisfied with two fights, there must be a third to settle that war. Yeah they should have doubled up their jabs and this is why most people believe Pacquioa would win against Mayweather because he really uses that jab and he triple's up with it! but I'm not sold on Pacquioa just yet. I wanna see how he handles Clottey a real hungry WW with a rock hard chin and a nice boxing game. His defense and hooks to the head could be alot sharper and his jabs are tight and effective.

I think Clottey has something for Pacquioa this guy looks at this fight being a blessing because he wasn't supposed to be fighting Pacquioa anyway so I know he's gonna bring the pain. Will he win? He has a chance if he can keep Pacquioa at a distance where he can box and not let Pacquioa bum rush him. I also get to see Pacquioa fight a black boxer this will be a first for many to see. I look at what happened to Marquez when he fought Mayweather? or What about Mosely vs DLH twice? I'm just saying they have a little bit more rhythm and umph in their boxing styles. It may spell trouble for Pacquioa. But sad to say Clottey lost the fight.

get one now!!!