pacquiao fight

Few weeks to go before the fight between pacquiao vs Clottey. Each one of the them train/practice well. Pursuing to win the fight no matter what happen. For pacquiao, hold the title of the best pound for pound boxer and for clottey to defeat the champion and become the strongest fighter. Who will win in that fight on this coming march and who will remain standing on the ring? Be the best fighter of all whom among those fighters is it the challenger “Miguel Clottey” or the fearless fighter “Manny Pacquiao”? I never imagine who will won this fight but all I can say is this no matter who won this fight they are still good fighter who want to prove their power on the ring.

For me the best opponent for many pacquiao is Floyd Mayweather. We all know that Floyd Mayweather is a powerful fighter has a speed like pacquiao and has a record of 40-0 never been defeat on the ring. He is my best choice against pacquiao but that fight between pacquiao vs mayweather was canceled it was too sad to us. Taking this opportunity to express my emotion I want pacquiao mayweather fight continue. I want to know who among of them is the best fighter of the world, is the unbeaten Floyd Mayweater or the pound for pound champion Manny Pacquiao.

That dreaming fight will happened soon if the two champ will unite. I am so excite and pursuing the fact that it will happened, not in this days, week but it will come in a time. The fight of the best fighter, the forbidden fight, the hopeful fight, and the dream fight I ever waited. I hope that the two champ will realize that the pacquiao vs mayweather fight is all we want. People wants to know who is the strongest among them.

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